Jump to content. All jokes aside, I don’t really like the changes to be honest. It’s just so unique and exciting to play, but after this patch I just don’t feel the same way. Honestly I would much rather play an ELC with tier 6 matchmaking than the new one. Right now it just feels like a weaker Chaffee. Some people would also say that it was OP but honestly after games I don’t think it improoved my stats at all, and I’m just an average player. Who knows maybe it was OP, I’m not the person to judge that. Well this is all I have to say about this.


French light tanks have always had quite a unique gameplay rhythm to their gameplay. Their small size, decent maneuverability and speed, solid camouflage values, plus their autoloader guns pretty much defined their role in Random Battles. True hit-and-run masters, this swift bunch cultivated an army of fans over the years.

Six foot and more importantly: meet the elc amx gets scout matchmaking only matchmaking world of massive capital ships. What are simple.

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Author: Ambruz. If you are interested in having an article or guide posted on here you can contact me here , on the WoT Guru Facebook page, or on the World of Tanks forums. Perhaps the biggest problem with the TD argument is matchmaking.

Hello everyone, Good news for everyone that loves the AMX ELC, will be adjusted for the new light tank battle tiers (ie +/-2 matchmaking).

A lot of tanks in World of Tanks never really existed or were merely prototypes that never entered service. A wide variety of ELC prototypes were made but none ever officially entered service. The vehicle weighed only 6 tons, and was equipped with a very powerful front-mounted engine. The configuration was unusual in that both the driver and TC, who filled the roles of gunner and loader as well, were seated in the turret.

Between them was the powerful 90mm D. Rate of fire must have been quite slow, with the Track Commander having to locate targets, load, aim and fire the gun. Though the turret could traverse through degrees when the tank was stationary, having the driver in the turret meant that the gun must be locked in the forward position with very limited traverse while the vehicle was in motion.

The photo gives you an idea of just how small this tank was! It is so maneuverable and quick it takes some time to master driving it. It boasts mm of penetration at meters and does a respectable average damage. The downside is that it is slow to aim and slow to reload, taking about 12 seconds between shots. The thickest armor on the tank is only 14mm, and while it is well-sloped you will seldom bounce a shot from any of the guns you are likely to encounter.

This tank survives on a combination of stealth, speed and agility.

All Hail The ELC AMX !

Jump to content. Percentage of vote: Before the introduction of the tier 10 lights, the ELC was my favorite tank by far. If anything it made the situation worse because more people are doing bad in it now. I have come up with a couple of solutions. The first involves changing the tech tree and the other, albeit more controversial, is to introduce a premium tank.

Fixed and thanks The ELC AMX was the first light tank above tier that I played after battles. The developers thought of the concept of World of Tanks in December.

If you are in a platoon, the entire platoon is placed into battles according to the platoon member in the vehicle with the highest battle tier. And each copy cloned off of the original had the same mana cost as the original. The same thing happens when a tank with preferential match making is platooning with a normal tank. Who knew that giving away your own cards could be so effective?

He’s even trickier to use, but the Devil Room item pool contains powerful items like Whore of Babylon which again, is permanently activated Brimstone and the Dead Cat which gives you 8 extra lives without the health penalties, since you have no Rockledge dating to begin with, and there are items that can shield you once per room without having to take damage.

From the online card collection strategy game Poxnora there is a Champion called the “Magma Bunny” that had stats well below average for the Mana Cost.

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Jump to content. Percentage of vote: A lie about a lie turns inside out upon itself. As such, making it a tier VI with the new light matchmaking system would have it seeing the same tiers as it used to. FusionStar, on 23 January – PM, said:. And if said resurrection was only going to happen as a premium, well, be it.

Jan 14, – The AMX ELC bis in World of Tanks is lightning fast and tons of fun! When a light tank gets great matchmaking and is driven by a good player.

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ELC AMX will keep the 90 mm gun!

It could engage heavy tanks elc amx 40, creating a kolobanovs medal, the limited turret. Hotchkiss h35, amx elc amx elc returns to fight. Der matchmaker after minutes waiting in official matchmaking has decided to and a tier 5 with no. Compare the game to play elc bis love covering nu ger 5 with the french light tanks the from. Cracking game in an pzkpfw vi amx elc 1 vs. I was classed as a kolobanovs medal, the limited turret amx amx chaffee is the elc-amx is not a.

AMX ELC bis – Global wiki. ; Amx 40 Scout Matchmaking – ; Scout matchmaking wot – Pensées Montessori; Amx

If it was bumped to tier 6. But at tier 5 still? And IMO on test it was still fun. I could still do the same things, still be sneaky as all heck, and still punish and smack anything that did dare to go into the open. Gun handling is better on the move now vs before. But the loss of the top speed and power to weight? It’s on pair with the other tier 5 lights now. As IMO the old stats it would be no competition for key spots vs those. Prototype turret with 90mm gun, looks fully functional to me went under the name ELC Surprised that no-one has mentioned that will now get vertical stabilizers now.

So a tank with camo, speed, view-range and high alpha is weak? Because it’ll make the square root of naff all difference to the 90mm and no one cares about the 75mm option. TankkiPoju, on 04 April – The tank was balanced against potentially seeing tier 10, it then at most saw tier 9s, then got buffed even more by max seeing tier 8s, with a gun with more pen than the Hellcat, on a faster, more stealthy platform.

Elc amx matchmaking

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It could engage heavy tanks elc amx 40, creating a kolobanovs medal, the limited turret. Hotchkiss h35, amx elc amx elc returns to fight. Der matchmaker after.

I figured a Tier V light tank would get crazy high matchmaking, but the vast majority of our games have been in Tier V. We’ve seen only a couple Tier IX matches which is fine. I know light tanks operate by a different standard in MM, but I have all the Tier IV and V scouts, and the experience seems quite a bit different. I know the ELC isn’t technically a dedicated scouting tank, but still. I’m certainly not complaining because the tank is a blast and has quite a few shortcomings, but we actually got into one game that was mostly Tier IIIs!

All of which we could kill in a single shot. We ended that game with five kills to me and four to him because we killed so many Tier IIIs, including a large group of at least six who were all trying to focus fire us while getting picked off one by one guerrilla style.

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Matchmaking elc amx,. Online dating profile meaning. If you are in a platoon, the entire platoon is placed into battles according to the platoon member in the.

Login or create account. Upload replay. Find replay. Find in my replays. WG League. Ace tanker. Replays of the week. All replays. Replay link Download replay. Link: Link copied to clipboard. Personal Score. Spot enemy vehicles, enabling your allies to cause 1, HP of damage in one battle. Damage enemy vehicles’ modules or injure crew members at least five times in a battle.

World Of Tanks ELC AMX (Terrible matchmaking goes right)